May 30th | 6 pm to 8 pm

Kensington Place in the park
Join us for food, giveaways and fun!

Association News

2023 Approved Annual Budget
Access our approved annual budget for 2023 - access

Previous Meetings 
Access minutes of previous meetings - click here 

2022 Year End Financials
Access the current 2022 year end financials - access

Annual Dues
Annual dues for 2023 is $100 per year. 

Raking Leaves

Clearing Street Curbs
Home owners, please clear leaves and soil from the curbs in front of your homes. 

This activity will help prevent street flooding with the heavy rains. Thank you!


Currently there are $19,191.00 due to the Kensington Place Homeowner’s Association in past due fees.  Please check to make sure you didn’t forget to pay your 2022 HOA fees! Contact Barbara Bitler at Towne Properties if you have any questions at barbarabitler@towneproperties.com or 614-781-5139.


If you have not returned your ballot regarding the proposed rental amendment, please send it now!  Please click this link for a copy of the proposed amendment ballot, complete the ballot and return it to Towne Properties in the mail or by email listed on the Contact Us page.

Ballot for Proposed Leasing Restriction Amendment

We are seeking your approval for the Kensington Place Homeowners Association to amend our documents to limit rentals in our community.  Access Letter

COVID-19 Resources
Updated daily from DGHD
Stay updated with the most recent news and mandates. 

Delaware City Schools
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Achieving Excellence, Honoring Tradition.  

Would you like to serve on our HOA board?

If interested, please contact us at BarbaraBitler@towneproperties.com; title your email WILLING TO SERVE. Qualifications includes: Must be a HOA member of good standing, willing to attend all regularly scheduled monthly board meetings and do work supporting HOA activities of 1 to 3 hours per month on average.

Welcome to KP HOA

The HOA uses a management company to handle administrative matters and financial transactions. Click below to pay dues.

News and Events

Find out what's happening at our association and surrounding areas?
Tips on reusing and recyling.

Deed Restrictions

Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Restrictions, Assessments, and Liens

Homeowners Responsibilites

 Information on maintaining your property according to your deed restrictions.

Governing Documents for the Kensington Place Association, Inc.
A Home Owners Association

The Kensington Place Association, Inc. was created by the developer to own and maintain the common green areas and sidewalks as well as to enforce the Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Restrictions, Assessments, Liens (sometimes referred to as the “Deed”) in the Kensington Place neighborhood. There are several of documents that govern the Kensington Place Association, Inc. 

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5312: Ohio Planned Community Law

The first and highest in authority is the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 5312: Ohio Planned Community Law. ACCESS

Articles of Incorporation

Overview of "The Articles of a Non-profit Corporation”  ACCESS

Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Restrictions, Assessments and Liens

The Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Restrictions, Assessments and Liens are recorded with the Delaware County Recorder’s Office in the initial phase of the development of a community. The Declaration is frequently referred to as the deed restrictions.  ACCESS


The By-laws is a document that provides for the operation of the association. It establishes policies and procedures for the governing of an association.  ACCESS


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